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Snoring can make for wakeful nights and disrupt the slumber of your partner. A long-term pattern of loud snoring may also indicate sleep apnea. At the otolaryngology practice of James C. Yee, MD, with offices in Folsom and Carmichael, California, Dr. Lee can help find a solution to your snoring and associated sleep issues. Call one of the locations or book online to make an appointment to address snoring today.

Snoring Q & A

When should I be concerned about my snoring?

If snoring is interfering with your restful sleep or that of your partner, it’s important to find a solution.

Almost half of all adults snore on occasion due to lifestyle habits or illness. Dr. Yee can help you ease snoring if it’s associated with a problem contributing to poor sleep or health.

What causes snoring?

You snore when you experience an obstruction to the airflow through the back of your mouth and nose. The tissue at the back of your throat vibrates as a result and you make snoring sounds.

Children sometimes snore when their adenoids or tonsils are enlarged. Adults may occasionally snore due to:

  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Cold or allergies
  • Being overweight or obese

Soft tissue abnormalities can also cause snoring. Excessively loud and chronic snoring may be a sign of sleep apnea, a condition in which you regularly wake up for brief moments in the night due to a blockage of your airway. It leads to restless sleep and contributes to a number of health conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. Your snoring may be accompanied by periods of gasping for air and brief awakenings if related to sleep apnea.

What types of treatments are available for snoring and sleep apnea?

Treatment for your snoring depends on the cause of your snoring issues. Dr. Yee may offer recommendations such as losing weight, limiting your alcohol use, and avoiding certain medications.

You may also benefit from creating a regular sleep pattern and adjusting your sleep position. If your snoring is due to allergies, you’ll receive a unique treatment plan to address the cause.

In-office procedures and, in some cases, surgery can relieve chronic snoring or sleep apnea when it’s discovered you have obstructive tissue in the throat, palate, upper airway, or base of your tongue. You may alternatively be prescribed a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device that delivers air pressure into your throat to keep your airway open.

Dr. Yee can help you, and your sleep partner, get a better night of sleep. Call today or book an appointment using the online tool.